Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweet Bitter

So Mya and I were talking about how we only have a few days left here in PNG before we start the journey home and how there are things that we are really looking forward to (family and friends, our own beds, clean feet, hot water) but that there are things we’re also really going to miss (new friends, daddy around all of the time, the sunshine and swimming in the ocean). She coined it – ‘sweet bitter’.
So. We are looking forward to coming home. We’re also trying to best enjoy our last few days here. We skipped naptime today and went to the beach instead. We ate cheesecake for breakfast (trying to clean out the fridge you know). We’re spending our last few evenings with new friends. We haven’t packed a single thing yet!
Please pray that as we head back into the reality that is our normal life we’ll be able to really process the experiences that we’ve had here and be able to articulate them in meaningful and encouraging ways to all of you and to others who have been so interested in what we’ve done here. God is so good! Even in places on our planet like PNG (and Haiti)! His Word which is truth is going forth and people are being changed. Broken lives are mended and hope is made alive. That is what it’s all about. John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.’

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi everyone!
I’m not sure if there is actually anybody reading this anymore as I know I haven’t been posting very consistently. Sorry! We really do appreciate you’re interest and enthusiasm in what we’re doing here!
So we just returned from a long weekend in a tribe called Yembi Yembi. We flew in on Friday morning and it was such a neat experience. The kids LOVED flying in the little New Tribes airplane (a Cessna) and it was only about a 35 minute flight. We landed and had to cross the river in a HUGE dug out canoe (yikes). Then we had a great climb through the jungle up a mountain (that sounds more dramatic than it really was) to the missionaries house where we stayed. Can you believe that we had indoor plumbing and hot water?! What a treat for us! Kind of funny. It was a great weekend. We spent lots of time with the three missionary families in Yembi. Jay was able to help with many little projects and that was a real encouragement to them. We got to go to their church service on Sunday and have a tour of the village. We were invited into a tribal house and were served some ‘sac sac’. It’s a very unappetizing starchy substance that comes out of the middle of a palm tree and is most commonly baked into a pancake. It’s a staple for many people in PNG but especially for those in places like Yembi Yembi where they rely on the jungle and the river (fish) for all of their food. We got a lot of ‘national geographic’ photos. The kids did great.
We’re back in Wewak now starting to anticipate our return home and finishing up a number of projects. The kids jump up and down at the thought of Macaroni and Cheese but are so sad to think of leaving Mr. Mike and Miss Ruth. Please pray that we would finish well and then that we would have an uneventful trip home. We’re really looking forward to showing you all photos (the internet here is not capable of uploading – sorry) and to sharing with you about how you’ve invested into us and the people here through your support of what we’re doing with Friends In Action.
Talk to you soon!